User database problem

All of the sudden have no access to some GUI menu options. in/out routes, Administrators, and some others.
Tried to restore from two previous backups, but getting an error. Error references core_usersastdb().

I assume the system has been hacked. Is there a way to recover? Get to user database and see what is there?

You should be able to access the MySQL and SQLlite databases to see what is in them. This can be done via the cmd line or with a GUI like MySQL Workbench.

Have you checked your module admin? I am wondering if modules are disabled, pending updates?

Out of the blue question, but is the disk full? A full disk would prevent MySQL from starting.

Disk is not even close to being full. No modules disabled.

Did a module upgrade and all appears normal now. These are scheduled weekly on Saturday mornings, strange.

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Ahhh, that could explain it. If the update process fails to complete, then it’s possible freepbx will disable the module. Usually you can verify if modules are disabled via the command: fwconsole ma list

Disabled modules also show up in the Module Admin Gui and you can click to enable them.

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