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Hello All,

after updating iphone with the last update IOS10, the UCP indicate " Your browser is unsupported at this time. Please upgrade or talk to your system administratos"

i tried : safari, google chrome… neither works at all

freepbx 12
UCP 12.0.25



Please upgrade to 13

Hi! I have the same problem. As I am traveling overseas, I do not want to do an upgrade.

Is there any way to make FreeBPX 12 work with the newest IOS/Safari?

I am sure it would work fine if accepted.

If you are willing to do the work we will accept any patches that are submitted.

Yes you are right, that would be the best solution.

Unfortunately I can not do it myself and I do not know anybody that could do it if I would pay him for it.

Done, i’ve move to 13 and same problem, make test with iphone and ipad. As soon as we update to ios10, UCP not working anymore…

freepbx 13
User Control Panel :
User Management :

What error do you get? Perhaps a screenshot would be useful. You also said Google Chrome doesn’t work. So no browser works for you?

before ios10, all works fine, after update, any browser not works

tried safari, google, firefox

What does this have to do with iOS? I am unable to replicate on any of the browsers you have listed.

This looks like the error is this:


Which is fixed with


ucp v13.0.41.2

don’t know Andrew, received several calls from client telling me that’s no working anymore,

I have over 60 freepbx out there, and tried on several

At my office we have 3 iphones, 2 ipads and 1 ipod ; work on each one. but not after updating ios

thank’s for you help, i will wait for ucp v13.0.41.2


But what does this have to do with Chrome, Firefox? Are you talking specifically about using these ON the Phone???

It’s already out. No need to wait.

Yes Andrew, using on the phone.

tried update module admin, but received

User Control Panel 13.0.41 Stable Sangoma Technologies Corporation AGPLv3+ Enabled and up to date

will wait a bit :wink:

You make a great job !!

It’s in edge. So you’ll need to get it out of edge

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Got it !!! works great again,

Andrew, it is possible to fix it on freepbx 12 too ? because we have a lot of server to update :confused:

for people who don’t know what is edge mode ;

If you would like to set a server running FreePBX Framework 13.0.96 or newer to Edge mode go to “Advanced settings and set “Set Module Admin to Edge mode” to “Yes”.

one time again, thank you for your help !!

No I am sorry FreePBX 12 only gets major security updates. You will need to upgrade to FreePBX 13 for this.