User Control Panel (v16.x) Listen to Voicemail Option lists all extensions

I have had users complain about the “Listen to Voicemail” option that’s available by clicking the phone handset icon within the voicemail widget in UCP. The complaint is that they now have to select their extension number from a list in the dropdown box. (See attached image). Prior to upgrading from v15 to v16 of FreePBX, this option only showed their extension number. Now it shows all extensions on our deployment, including virtual extensions being used as group voicemail boxes.

Is this a configurable option or a bug in this release?

FreePBX v16.0.10.43
User Control Panel v16.0.16

Wow, I have no memory of ever noticing this button before.

This looks like a new bug related to recent work that was done to fix an issue with the ‘forward voicemail’ button immediately beside the listen button. Can you open a bug ticket pls.

Me either. When she was explaining it to me I was thinking, “HUH?!”

Ticket opened:



Fix has been pushed to edge release of Voicemail module i.e. v15.0.18.48 or v16.0.30. Please give try with this release and update the FREEPBX-23172 if issue still exist.


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It did correct the issue. However, unlike other screenshots, I only see my extension (which is the behavior I would expect to see). I can’t see a use-case where listing all extensions would be wanted. Unless of course you want to share a voicemail with someone sitting at another desk via a phone call.


For my system, v16.0.30 is my solution.

edit wrong screenshot

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Not all extensions. But a shared Customer Service voicemail etc. Where the user has access to their own voicemail as well as to the shared mailbox.

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Then each mailbox would have its own widget. What I am saying is how often would you need to make someone else’s extension ring for them to listen to the voicemail?

In my particular scenario, I have two ladies working in a small space, both with customer facing windows where they take payments for court fines/fees. Each of their windows have speaker microphone combos so they can safely communicate with customers while keeping them safe. It is loud already so they don’t want to play the voicemail through their computer speakers, adding to the ambient noise (12x8 cinder block room). This way they can play it through their headset after calling their phone from the VM widget.

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