User Control Panel question

On the UCP for just one user I see the value โ€˜021โ€™ under the heading CFB in Call Status. What does this mean?

Screenshot would be good.

Sounds like a call forward on busy set to 012


As requested:

Does the value 021 have any significance? How is this unset?

Look at your feature codes list you will find a feature code to turn call forwarding busy to โ€œoffโ€. Go to this said extension with the issue and enter that feature code into that phone.

Thank you. The code *91 did indeed clear the issue. However, I am at a loss to explain how this got turned on to begin with. This particular unit was reset to the factory settings just last Thursday.

Out of curiosity, does the value 021 have some specific meaning with respect to CFB?

Yes, your client set her CFB to 021

Resetting a phone to factory has no bearing on server side settings like CFB

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