User and device problem

Hi All,

I have user / device option setup on our system in our office. The Device ID section only appears to accept numbers? Is this by design or is it possibly a bug? I am trying to enter the MAC address of the phone into this field which obviously includes some letters but when I submit the page I just get an error popup - “please enter device ID”.
The MAC would seem to be the most sensible to use but if that isnt possible I will just use numbers.

can anyone confirm if they can enter MAC’s as device ID’s or is this by design?

In my system I create device ids that are more digits than the user. For example, for user 3903 I have devices 390301 390302 390303 and so forth for his many phones. FreePBX/asterisk doesn’t care about the MAC addrs of the various devices. They could even be soft phones.

Thanks for your suggestion. Yes that is actually kinda what I have at the moment but with the 0,1,2 etc infront of the extension number. Don’t get me wrong - this works fine but I just thought that it would be better to enter the MAC as the ID as then it would be easy track what physical device is what (softphone could still be MAC of the PC on which it is installed).
I guess that letters aren’t allowed in Device ID’s but as a suggestion I would think that could be added into a future release but perhaps that is an asterisk limitation rather than a FreePBX one.