Use rpid for callerid

My VoIP router transfer my calls using rpid and not callerid. I would like to configure Asterisk to use the rpid as callerid. Do you know hoy to do that?

I am using Asterisk 1.4.29 with FreePBX

If trustrpid does not result in the CID being pulled out, then you could route the call in through a custom context and pull the CID out of the RPID header and assign it to the carllerid.

You could try to add trustrpid = yes in your trunk setup.

Thanks for your help.

My problem is PSTN => LANCOM => Asterisk.

Lancom transfer the call with rpid. Asterisk is waiting for callerid so I loose the ID of the call.

If I understand well, the trunk is for Asterisk => LANCOM => PSTN. In this way all is all right.

Thanks for this tip. I am not a very good developer… Is it possible for you to explain me what I should write in such a custom context?

Thanks and best regards!