Use GraphQL generate a call - Why Not?

So, why can we not generate a call with GraphQL?

It is the most modern API in use on FreePBX. I have a developer writing a module in HubSpot that we want to use to initiate a call from the HubSpot user’s extension to the contact they are interaction with inside HubSpot.

I would think that GraphQL would be the ideal place to set this up. Why was this immediately shot down? Sure, I can work around it and have the app auth to some other nodejs system that is then trusted by FreePBX and have that system reach in and use AMI or a custom script.

But that makes more pieces to write, maintain, update, and troubleshoot.

My initial thought is if anything this would be a rest api. GraphQL is a data query language used to consume and mutate data. REST would be more appropriate for actions such as “generate a call”. More useful would likely be websockets for real time feedback. This can already be done by way of the asterisk manager interface.

Writing a module to do this would also be pretty simple but would likely need to be a community led effort as it is likely to compete with current commercial interests.

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I defaulted to asking about the currently hotly developed API interface, GraphQL.
I honestly do not care which item it is. Is this functionality in REST? I’ll use that.

Websockets and live feedback would be maybe a phase 2. Right now the customer just wants to get all the calling in their PBX and out of hubspot.

I’m assuming I will be able to deal with getting call info to HubSpot with the CRM module and Zapier

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