Use different outgoing routes for calling +1212... and +435452

Dear all,
I am using Asterisk 13 / FreePBX and Twilio trunking with different outgoing routes for USA and Austria in this case.

use callback on every phone for incoming missed calls where callerID is starting with with a “+” like +1212… (USA) or +435452…, (Austria).

The outbound trunk is configured to add the “Outbound Dial Prefix: +”. S my guess is it does not work because then the outgoing number would start with “++1212”.

  1. So what dial pattern would kill one leading “+” and make the call happen?
  2. How to make sure that for +1212… the US outbound route and for +435452… the Austrian outbound route is used?

Thank you so much for your help.

put a ‘+’ in the dial pattern but leave the prepend field blank?

Thank you Bob, you mean a + in the “match pattern”? So for US it would be then a “+1” in the match pattern, with prepend and prefix empty?

Remember that you can do this kind of numeric gymnastics on both the outbound route and on the trunk. If it was me, I’d remove the “Outbound Dial Prefix” (since it’s too general) and do the addition in the outbound trunk settings (if there’s a ‘+’. the number’s OK, if not, prepend one).

Thank you all! Will work on it and keep you posted.