Use default route of other FreePBX install

We have a FreePBX in a remote office branch located in another country connected to our main FreePBX via VPN. Is it possible to make calls from remote office to an external number via our VPN-based route?

Remote FreePBX --------> VPN link ----------> Main branch FreePBX -----------> External number

I’m thinking of creating a separate prefix Outbound route on remote FreePBX side but not sure how Main branch freepbx will respond to it.

Create a peer trunk between the two PBXs, and have the context be ‘from-internal’. The Main branch PBX will treat ‘from-internal’ calls the same way as if they are dialed by a local extension.

Hi Igaetz,

By “from-internal”, do you mean the peer trunk from which both FreePBX use to communication? I already have this and I get “The number is not in service”.



A call trace on the PBX where the call fails should tell you why: