Use case for "Add Inbound DID" under "Extension -> Advanced"

This question feels embarrassing to ask given that I’ve worked with FreePBX for years now but I can’t for the life of me find good documentation that explains what the use case is for the “Add Inbound DID/CID” fields under the Advanced tab inside the extension settings. The Wiki page is not very helpful as it just states “A DID that is directly associated with this extension. The DID should be in the same format as provided by the provider (e.g. full number, 4 digits for 10x4, etc). Format should be: XXXXXXXXXX”

Typically we configure inbound DIDs under the Connectivity section and point them directly at the desired extensions as needed.

What would one use these specific extension settings for?

Hi Igor

It creates the inbound route automatically when you create/edit the extension. Saves you a step in the process, but otherwise works identically to creating the inbound route after you create the extension.


No shit! That’s actually cool. Thanks for clarifying.

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