USBFXO on FreePBX Distro

Hi, I have FreePBX Distro installed on a Dell server. It’s a new installation with 10.13.66-64bit on it and I have updated all modules.

I bought a Sangoma USB-FXO as I was led to believe this would give me 2 FXO ports on the system however I’m struggling to get it working. When running ‘wanrouter start’, I get:

Error: Device wanpipe1 is not supported by kernel

Configuring interfaces: w1g1 w1g1: unknown interface: No such device

Waiting for Dahdi /dev/dahdi …
DAHDI Tools Version -

DAHDI Version:
Echo Canceller(s): HWEC

2 channels to configure.

DAHDI_CHANCONFIG failed on channel 1: Invalid argument (22)
Selected signaling not supported
Possible causes:
FXS signaling is being used on a FXS interface (use a FXO signaling variant)
RBS signaling is being used on a E1 CCS span
Signaling is being assigned to channel 16 of an E1 CAS span

I called Sangoma support who were under the impression that the USB-FXO could not work with FreePBX Distro, I wanted to see if anyone else has experience of getting this to work?

WANPIPE Release: 7.0.20
DAHDI Version:

That is correct. That device was EOL a while back and last supported DAHDI 2.5. I suggest not trying to take your system to DAHDI 2.5 as it will break alot of things and newer wanpipe will not support that version of DAHDI

Thanks Tony. If the device is EOL, it’s frustrating that Sangoma just sold me one. I will have to find another means of adding FXO.

Sangoma does not sell these. Where did you buy it from? online retailer? We have not sold them in quote awhile.

I have a trade account with a UK distributor who had to order it in especially from Sangoma - we had to wait for it to be shipped.

Ok well I know in the US we are not selling them and not in the Sangoma US store. Let me see how someone was able to get one but its been made clear to our Partners this was EOL and they are not made anymore by us.

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