Hi … I’m very new to this … in everything … linux inclusive…I’m setting up a test server for a project but it does not have ethernet connections available.
Is it possible to install a usb wifi network adapter?
Thank you very much for the help.

yes, as long as your network can access the FreePBX resource and the connection is stable.

Please explain your setup and constraints in more detail.

Are you using the FreePBX Distro, or installing from scratch? If the latter, which OS have you chosen?

Is it the server location that doesn’t have Ethernet, or is it the machine you are installing it on? If the latter, I’d recommend using a USB Ethernet adapter instead, but if you have an existing USB Wi-Fi adapter that you’d like to use, post make and model.

If the location is Wi-Fi only and this is a one-time exercise or demo, I suggest connecting your laptop to the facility’s Wi-Fi and using bridging or Internet Connection Sharing, connecting the laptop’s Ethernet jack to the PBX.

If you install a Wi-Fi adapter on the server, it can’t possibly work ‘out of the box’ – you will at least have to configure it with the correct network name and password, and may need to install drivers and/or firmware as well. This means that you will need another way to connect to the server for setup, either with a keyboard and monitor, or via a serial port.

Also, if your server will use SIP trunks over the internet, the Wi-Fi connection may have firewall rules or other restrictions that will prevent that from working. Possibly, even phones on the same network won’t work, if ‘guest isolation’ or similar is in use.

thanks for answering … could you guide me how to install the adapter? at least in a general way. keep in mind that I am very new.

thanks for answering … I add more information. the test server is in a room which has no connection to ethernet. therefore my idea is to connect a wifi usb adptador (tl-wn725n) that I have. to the server I have access by keyboard and mouse. I clarify that it is only for tests. I do not plan to put this into service with wifi. I forgot to mention that I’m using FreePBX 14 • Linux 7.5 • Asterisk 13

This is really a Linux question best answered on a related forum, but we can try …

What hardware (or virtualization) are you running on?
FreePBX software?
How installed?
What works now (access from keyboard and monitor, access over serial port, etc.)?
What adapter(s) make/model do you have?
What went wrong when you plugged it in?
What Wi-Fi are you connecting to (home, office, school, hotel, etc.)?
Router make/model?
Do you have administrative control over the router?
What will FreePBX connect to (type of trunks, type of phones)?

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