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I’m trying to find a solution to report the usage per extension. Is there any way to get this done? I’ve been trying to search for a solution but can’t seem to find one anywhere.

Another question is sort of related, we would like to see how long a peer is offline/has status unknown (last seen time).

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Can you give a little more detail on what you mean by “usage”? I might be able to help you with some of that but it depends on your scope.

Sorry, I can’t help you with that one.

@darrenhollick for example the total call time (in- and outbound) per extension for the last x period.

You can get the data from the CDR database, assuming yours is working. We’ve seen some people having CDR issues over the past six months or so. If you have data, you can get extension information from that, as well as inbound/outbound state, called number, calling number, and actual/talk durations.

There are dozen ways to get the information into a usable form, including making the database readable from Excel or OpenOffice Calc. You can also write a report using your favorite programming language with MySQL/MariaDB drivers to grab the info.

That’s what I’ve done in that past too but I would highly recommend working with the CEL table and not the CDR table. In my experience the CDR table is largely useless as it is not consistent, however, the CEL tables are amazingly consistent and thorough.

I wouldn’t characterize it that way - CDR is just as consistent as CEL. The difference is that they do different things, so they are not interchangeable 100% of the time, and the information the CDR table captures is data from a different perspective. In my experience (which is no doubt different than yours), the CDR table gives me all of the “per extension” information I need. As with out experiences, my needs for the data are probably different than yours.

@mlvnc Darren brings up a good point - using Call Data Records or Call Event Logs should get you the information you are looking for. The rest of what I said about programming for them (including the Excel and programming language support) still stands. You can’t hardly go wrong either way, and you will have the flexibility to see what’s happening based on your needs and which data sink you decide to use.

@cynjut @darrenhollick

I was indeed able to export the data to CSV using the CDR, I’ve managed to output some usable data from there including outgoing/incoming call duration per extension by combining the data for the SRC field and sum the billable seconds field.

Thanks a lot for thinking along :slight_smile:, much appreciated.

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