Usage of stateinterface in queues with Local channels?

I’m having a client that is having issues with the device states not always being accurate on their version of FreePBX ( and Asterisk I have read this thread:

Which seems to have some of the same issues, but at the same time, I don’t think it is the same issue. There is no spiking in the CPU usage, and the primary issue is that randomly, sometimes the device state gets “stuck” for the Local channel, and that agent can no longer receive calls.

This seems to be the same issue as reported here on the Asterisk issue tracker:

That is available in versions above (I think starting around 1.4.24 or something), and was wondering 2 things:

  • is there support for state interface in FreePBX on a version beyond what I’m running?

  • or, is there an alternative for the issue I describe on a newer version of FreePBX with the existing version of Asterisk?

I’m just trying to determine which parts need to be upgraded so I can minimize impact, and I’m not overtly familiar with FreePBX, although I have lots of experience with Asterisk vanilla :wink:

Thanks for any help or insight you may be able to provide!
Leif Madsen.