URL for OpenVPN cert download to phone

Coming up on the expiry of my OpenVPN certificate for my Grandstream handsets and would like to automate the cert renewal rollout. The last time I had the cert expire, I had to login to each handset and upload them. Now, there is a way to enter a URL in the basefile with the location of the OpenVPN cert.

How should I do this? I have a hosted FreePBX instance on Vultr with handsets connecting from multiple locations. What is a safe way to share the folder containing the certs so I can point the Grandstream handsets to it?

a few steps required

  1. look for configured ports for http/https provisioning in Admin-Sysadmin-Port Management (port eg:84)
  2. in there you will also see the username/password
  3. goto admin-sysadmin-provisioning protocols and enable your prefernece http/https or both, username/password also located here
  4. get console access to FreePBX or use something like wiscp to upload your openvpn files to /tftpboot
  5. the url will look like http(s)://username:password@pbxip:84/{mac}.opvn

good luck

Thanks Darren! I will give it a try on my next shift.

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