Urgent support!

Please, I need urgent support for my problem.
Today,whithout any reason, my SIP-s accounts after 3 ringns, stop to ring. I have 10 trunks and my elastix work up on linux. The ring come all on voip phones and allso simultan on zoiper.
I didnt made any modification in the settings to happend that. All trunks stop to ring after 10 seconds. Also I had this problem and other 2 times . The first time stoped at 7 seconds and the second time after 11 sec. The other times I resolved the problem with restart of server Today also I try that but nothing. Please, can somebody help me?

Hello, sounds like your needs is very urgent and I suggest you click on the support link and engage the paid FreePBX support team.

The other option is posting pages of IP logs and playing question and answer in the forum while someone tries to figure out your issue.