Urgent question

Today i have a sangoma gateway 200G failure.
Most propably its a hardware issue.
My Freepbx is setup with this gateway.
Now i have to send it out to fix it (if its posssible)
In the meanwhile the fastest way for me to be up and working again is to buid a new Freepbx
but i have to use a pri card.Or install one in my box.
And my question is:
Can i build a new Pbx with a Pri card this time and restore all configuration from my
existing Freepbx ? and will this solution work without known issues ?
If i install a Pri card in my current box will this work without any known issues ?
Thank you

Getting a PRI working in FreePBX is fairly easy - especially if it’s a Sangoma - shut the machine down, install the card, turn it back on and once the machine is booted and up, from the CLI type setup-sangoma and answer the questions - then add a DAHDI trunk in FreePBX and you are almost ready to go - you will need to know what your PRI provider needs as far as what digits, prefixes, etc.

A Support Incident with Sangoma would be a trouble-free way to get it going if you are not familiar with PRI’s and Hardware DAHDI cards - cheaper than thrashing around too!

Thank you for your help.