[URGENT] Help with freepbx 2.10

Guys i really need help! I wish i never updated to freepbx 2.10! Nothing is working ! I can’t see my modules in the ‘other tab’ because i can’t scroll down in the list of my installed modules…than i can’t edit asterisk sip settings because the submit changes button is not working!! Am i the only one experiencing this inconveniences? Can i downgrade to freepbx 2.9?

No you can’t downgrade. You can reinstall 2.9 and restore your backup you made prior to upgrading.

Sadly i haven’t taken a backup…but am i the only one experiencing these issues? Have you installed freeepbx 2.10?

Yes, many times.

You did not tell us how the system was originally installed (a distro or by hand) and what procedure you used to update.

What browser are you using?

Have you tried an amportal restart?

Ok i have a ubuntu 10.04 VM with asterisk 1.8 running, i originally had freepbx 2.9 but than i used the 2.10 upgrade tool and now i’m stuck with that…and i tried on chrome firefox and explorer same results…

Ubuntu is not a supported OS but that would not cause what you are describing.

There are new PHP dependencies. You have to have PHP version 5.3

I assume that Asterisk is running and calls are processing you just can’t get to the web GUI.

You did not answer my question regarding the amportal restart.

And yes i did amportal restart

I did a apt-get install php5 and now when i do aptitude show php5 i see that my version is 5.3.2…but still no luck with freepbx 2.10 =/

Sorry I can’t help.

You didn’t answer my question, call processing should be unaffected.

I would download the 2.10 tarball and do an install_amp

I don’t know how familiar you are with mysql and such.

Also, we have spent a lot of time updating the backup utility. You really should have a backup schedule defined. We could have then simply run install_amo for 2.9 and restored the backup and called it a night.

ullal.aaron, I have had problems upgrading to 2.10 on CentOS 6.x. What I’ve seen is the browser cache needs to be cleared and the “core” modules upgraded. FreePBX looks pretty bad until you get every module upgraded. You also need to be sure your php.ini file is updated:

memory_limit = 128M
post_max_size = 128M
upload_max_filesize = 128M

module updates will fail if this is not updated. good luck.

BTW: No backup? Really?

Nevermind i had a backup =) Sorry guys for wasting your time! Thank you so much it will help me in case i’ll decide to install the 2.10 version again!