Urgent, Help request

I’m new in asterisk and freepbx, I have configure all fine. I need some king of mechanism to notify users when they
connect to asterisk. This users are visualy impaired people and access to the network by theirs WIFI VOIP enable device, so I want that the system sends them a ring for instance, so they know that are correctly connected.
How can I do that? The official freepbx modules support that, or I have to create a new one? If so, how can i do that?

That is not supported. To do what you are requesting would probably involve writing a daemon that tracks manager events and detects the transition changes from a phone’s state change from unavailable to active at which point it could initiate a call to the device with a particular alert-info ring tone, or connecting it to a message that says it is now active, or similar to suit your needs. That is what comes to mind when I think of doing what you are looking for. I don’t know off hand of any hooks in Asterisk that would do this for your.

It’s not overly complex to do what you are asking, but does take some knowledge of the system and how to program to it.

The other thing that comes to mind is FOP. I am not real familiar with it’s capabilities wrt to adding such hooks. However, it knows the state of the devices and might be in a situation to initiate a similar type of action.

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