Urgent help needed

Im an undergrad student currently working on Asterisk. I installed AsteriskNOW with CentOS and the web GUI im using is FreePBX 2.7, on the internet i have seen that IVR (digital recfeptionist) should be present in FreePBX by default which in my case was not there. I tried downloading the IVR module from module admin but it gave the error that:

Warning: Cannot connect to online repository (mirror.freepbx.org). Online modules are not available.

Now how do i proceed? Is there any alternate way i can download this module and use it? Is there something wrong with my installation?
Any help would be appreciated

Raja Omer

Looks like you don’t have internet connectivity from your box. can you ping anything from the CLI?


What is the content of /etc/resolv.conf?

Yes i can ping from CLI,
and the content in resolv.conf is

search localdomain

iv seen on the web
alot of people are having this issue i.e. cant download IVR module from online repository

Replace with the ip-address of your router or use the nameserver-address of your ISP.

Go to the CLI and type server-network-config
The interface for settings network settings will load. Use that to reconfigure your DNS settings.

The most common reason for the DNS to default to is when after the initial install, you change the ip address to a static one.