URGENT HELP NEEDED - No modules on dashboard

I’ve installed FreePBX on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ using RasPBX and the only module is admin. I can’t do anything with FreePBX on the device. Please help!

From a shell

fwconsole ma installall
fwconsole reload

@dicko that didn’t work, anything else to do?

I won’t guess what you are missing, but what was the output?

No repos specified, using: [standard] from last GUI settings. Up to date. All modules up to date. Updating Hooks...Done

post the output of

fwconsole ma listonline
fwconsole ma list


Please no pictures, check your network connection, you won’t get far until it works.

My network is fine, however it is an internet powerline/extender which runs a separate SSID to the router. Could this cause an issue?

I honestly can’t diagnose your network, it would be guessing at best.

If your network is ‘fine’ you shouldn’t have these problems :slight_smile:

I’ll try reinstalling it and I’ll get back to you

Sorted, had to reinstall and all was fine.

Maybe was a dns problem
Hace you normally used a wifi connection?
Did you check for dns ?
sudo /etc/resolv.conf ?

ive sorted the problem now thanks anyway

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