UPS Server instructions

I visited but still have not been able to get my UPS’s to talk to FreePBX yet.

I have 3 different configurations
APC Smart UPS’s
Eaton Powerware

All connected via ethernet with the ability to use SNMP

If I select APC Smart i’m asked for a device ( /dev/tty**) but not sure how to install the UPS as a device on my system. Do i need to install power chute or another program first?

On my Eaton and Tripplite i tried selecting network or snmp as the type but i’m asked for the port of the UPS. not sure which port to use. Just need a nudge in the right direction to figure out what i’m missing. Had one site damaged due to improper shutdown after a power loss so this feature could be very useful.

Hi John,

I am wondering if you ever got this resolved? I am working on a move right now and wanting to set up a smarter UPS for the server running our FreePBX and wondering what ended up working for you?

No i haven’t gotten a resolution yet. I’ve tried setting this up on my APC SmartUPS, Eaton and TrippLite all via ethernet but can’t ever get the pbx to “talk” to the UPS. It’s a project on my board but could use some help trying to get the configs correct.

We only support APC see:

UPS- The UPS section allows you to set common settings as defined in the APCUPSD package. Please make sure you have apcupsd RPM installed. Remember all we do here is let you set settings we can not assist you in what settings to use or if it will work with your UPS. Please see for more information on what all these settings do.