Uploaded FOP2 module successful, but it is not listed in local module admin page

Hey guys, im using “Stable-5.211.65-16 Release Date-08-25-14 FreePBX 2.11, Linux 6.5 Asterisk 1.8 or 11” that I got from h"ttp://schmoozecom.com/distro-download.php. ( im purposefully breaking the links because I am a new user and the community forum says I am not worthy )

Got the phone system set up but im trying to upload a module h"ttp://www.fop2.com/
I got the “Centos 5 - 64bits” version.

I am trying to upload it via freepbx’s web service @ Admin > Module Admin > Upload Module. When you download that module the filename is “fop2-2.28-centos-x86_64”, when you click upload it gives an error saying: Filename not in correct format: must be modulename-version.[tar|tar.gz|tgz] (eg. custommodule-0.1.tgz)

So I just changed the filename to “fop2-2.28” (it is already in .tgz format), try to upload again and it says: Module uploaded successfully. You need to enable the module using “local module administration” to make it available.

so I click on the “local module administration” link and Fop is nowhere to be found.

So i go to the linux box to look for where it may be and checked:
and they aren’t there either, maybe im missing something, can you guys help me please?

I also tried to just put the module on USB and mounting that onto the OS to get it that way ( Im not that great at it ) but it didn’t work, I will try that again in the mean time though.

You will not see it in the module admin. Once you follow the installation instructions, simply open up a web page and put in your server IP with /fop2/, and the login details for the phone extension will show (use the voicemail password). Use /fop2/admin to open up the admin page.

fop2 is not part of the FreePBX eco system or a supported vendor. We highly suggest looking at isymphony V3 which is already installed on your system.

That file is not a FreePBX module, which is why it wouldn’t install until you tricked it by mimicking an acceptable filename. Proper FOP2 install instructions are here:

wow, that was fast replies(im new to the forum world, and that was my first post here)

Anyway, that makes sense, it not being a supported vendor, I did see it said it suppoted Trixbox and assumed that it would be cool with Freepbx.

I did actually get the USB mounted like I said I was going to try, but at this point I shouldn’t even use fop2, and i will look at isymphony V3 like @tonyclewis suggested (thank you) looks like it is free too.

Sorry for a slow reply in comparison to you guys, I went off praising how fast everyone replied. I really expected to come back tomorrow and not really see anything.

@fsymonoski, I didn’t overlook you, I will have to look at the installation instructions, but what it seems like you are saying is once I get fop2 installed on the server (however they tell me too) I will just be able to go to fop2’s own web interface… I will have to look at this also, thank you guys

So as an update, I did see isymphony V3 and tested it out for a bit, but it only allows up to 5 extensions for free… I needed 8, so I went over to fop2.

Yes I admit, before hand I did not even read the installation guide, I just have to say I am ashamed of myself. After following the installation guide it works perfectly, Fop2 does allow up to 15 extensions for free, so this works for me.