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Hey Folks

Does anyone know how to upload a custom recording to a virtual mailbox ?
I created a mailbox but now I have a custom recording that I need to upload as a greeting



I don’t think you can upload voicemail messages through the freepbx interface. Only record through the phone.

The files live in /var/spool/asterisk/voicemail/default/EXTENSION/unavail.wav on the server.

If you do edit them directly, please be sure to put proper owner/group/permissions on it.

Hi brk

Will do as I will be trying this tomorrow


I just upgraded to v12 this morning. It looks like the new UCP interface will allow uploading greetings using the web interface! http://your_ip_address/ucp

You need the users setup properly, etc. I didn’t test it, but it is there in the interface.


What sample format and rate did you end up using to make this work through the UCP upload function? When I upload my .wav files they do not play correctly. Thanks for the info!

Go to https://www.sangoma.com/audio-converter/ to convert the WAV to the proper format WAV

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