Hi all.

I had ver 2.4 and the system told me to upgrade to 2.5 so off I went.

I keep getting Downloading core
Untarring…Error(s) downloading core:

* Could not remove old module /var/www/html/admin/modules/core to install new version

On most of the modules. It has done some quite well but the remaining ones are giving me problems. The above was done as I simply tried the core module as a test by itself

Core setup Online upgrade available (

If you want I can post all the info but I am sure its a common problem although a search of the forums didnt help.

I have manually deleted the directory and all files etc but that doesnt seem to help

I also just did a tail on the messages file to see if I can see anything there but no luck…


Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Will that keep all the old settings or do I have to re do them as well?

Did you try to just download the 2.5 and do a source install???

Settings are stored in the mysql database so it should not touch them in any way.