Upgrading to PHP 5.5> on FreePBX Distro 13

Half a year ago I tried to upgrade my FreePBX 11 machine from PHP 5.3 to 5.5 and it broke the GUI altogether. Probably due to some proprietary rights files you’ve installed.

I am now with 12 version and plan to upgrade to 13. Is there still a problem with upgrading PHP or it is safe now to upgrade either with 12 or the latest FreePBX 13?

Do NOT upgrade your PHP, especially on a Distro install. You will run into the same problem. The Zend Loader version is for 5.3 which means you will have to update your Zend Loader and the commercial modules will not work.

There’s a reason why the install pages in the wiki don’t support commercial modules on anything but CentOS 6.x because CentOS 6.x PHP’s package it 5.3 and the others are more current versions.

I am not sure what that means. Things are written in PHP. PHP deprecates things and changes things. Upgrading PHP can go flawless or can cause bugs. That is not a “FreePBX thing” or a PHP thing. it is how all interpreted languages are.