Upgrading to from 12 version 13

Hello all,

Early this morning i started the upgrading process by taking a backup first.
Then i used the module 12 to 13 upgrade tool all checks were green upon checking requirements and started the upgrade process, it shortly got stuck with an error:

Stage 1
Bumping Paund PBX to version 13…Done
Checking online servers…Done
Downloading 13 Framework…Done
ERROR: Try running this manually on the CLI to finish: ‘amportal && fwconsole ma upgradeall’

When i ran amportal && fwconsole ma upgradeall it says that this is not a good command and gave the available options for amportal commands.

I then closed the window and figured to maybe try again… now i see this after checking requirements.

In system overview i see this:

Currently the PBX is working, thats some good news…

So my question is: whats the proper way to upgrade this machine?

Any help appreciated.

I want to work on this tomorrow early morning hours, if anyone can please post some helpful tips.

Thanks in advance.

It’s hard to tell exactly where things are, but either of these should get things going:

fwconsole ma upgradeall
amportal a ma upgradeall

If you are running the distro, you would be better off running the upgrade scripts:

Thanks Lorne, we’re at using distro version 6.12.65-31

Once i run this, should i follow this guide? https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FOP/Manually+Upgrading+the+FreePBX+GUI or the 12 to 13 tool will be able to do it…? Not really sure how to take it, cut it says (you can see in my screenshot) that it has version 13.0.0alpha1 installed. :no_mouth:

That worked. Thanks Lorne!

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