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Upgrading to 14 (FPBX 13>14)


Good morning all. So, I just happened to notice FPBX14 is now released and in the regular downloads section (apparently I’m a tad behind, as this was in June sometime).

However, I’ve not seen where I can upgrade our existing instances of FPBX13. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


(Lorne Gaetz) #2

The upgrade script (for 64 bit only) is being tested and will be released RSN (real soon now).

(Patrick Miller) #3

Where should we keep an eye out for an announcement? Blog?


How do we find it?

(Marbled) #5


Reading the other threads or searching the wiki is a gooooood starting point… :wink:

That said, it is available here:

Please note that this is currently beta, please do not run in on your Production system unless you have good backups and are willing to risk having a possibly long downtime if things go bad…

Good luck (if you try it) and have a nice day,