Upgrading to 14 (FPBX 13>14)

Good morning all. So, I just happened to notice FPBX14 is now released and in the regular downloads section (apparently I’m a tad behind, as this was in June sometime).

However, I’ve not seen where I can upgrade our existing instances of FPBX13. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


The upgrade script (for 64 bit only) is being tested and will be released RSN (real soon now).

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Where should we keep an eye out for an announcement? Blog?

How do we find it?


Reading the other threads or searching the wiki is a gooooood starting point… :wink:

That said, it is available here: Sangoma Documentation

Please note that this is currently beta, please do not run in on your Production system unless you have good backups and are willing to risk having a possibly long downtime if things go bad…

Good luck (if you try it) and have a nice day,