Upgrading real old install --

Have a TB 2.0 with a real old version of everything. (If it’s not broken).

Anyway, I built a new box with the old TB 2.0 thinking I would restore my backup and then upgrade the FPBX code, create a new backup and then move to the 2.6.0.n or 2.7 TB release in the next week or so and new drives on the box.

The old ISO does not have the Backup utility :frowning: So I am not able to restore a backup and I don’t have a way of getting that old module that I can see.

Anyone have any ideas besides rebuilding the DB by hand, moving the VM over in a TAR file, and loosing the CDR history ?



In the past, I have updated the old machine to the latest version of FreePBX using the tarball. Then run all of the module updates. Then you can run the backup from FreePBX and install it on your new machine. The restore is a little tricky in that you have to run a backup on it to create the backup folder, then copy your backup tarball from the other machine into that folder. Then you can restore.

Your mileage may vary, but I have done this 4 or 5 times without fail. The trick is to have both machine using the same version of FreePBX with the same version of all of the modules.


I have also updated real old systems by installing the “current code” Doing the back up ect, ect, ect.

My issue is I have a back up from off site storage that the customer HAS to use to build a new system, The original box is in the dumpster.

I can rebuild a new box with the TB 2.0 ISO CD and code used for the original box, but I can’t determine a way to specifically determine in the tar file, what release for FreePBX backup created it, or how to get the box to install an old version of FReePBX Module. Admin only likes to install the new stuff. Is there a source forge or other location with the old back up modules. I can get to base this recovery on ?