Upgrading old installation: 5.211.62-6 to current

I’m working on upgrading a very old installation, from 5.211.62-6 to current.

I used the documentation at http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/PPS/FreePBX-Distro-5.211.65 to upgrade through to 5.211.65-21, then used the PBX Upgrader module to upgrade to FreePBX

However, after this upgrade /etc/shmooze/pbx-version still shows 5.211.65-21.

Then, if I install the next “PBX Upgrader” module (to go to v13), it processes until it appears to be complete, then stops. No continue/done buttons occur, and the UI stops responding indefinitely, though the machine is normally responsive on the SSH terminal.

Any action such as a reboot or restarting apache results in a mass of errors indicating that everything pretty much got wrecked. At that point, I’ve just deleted the testing VMs (rather than trying to fix the mess).

So, from this point what I’m having trouble determining are:

  1. Have I actually completed the upgrade to v12, or have I somehow missed a step to finalize the upgrade. If it’s updated to v12 properly, shoudn’t /etc/schmooze/pbx-version change?

  2. Are there any steps required to go from 12 to 13 other than the PBX Upgrader module? Perhaps I missed a prerequisite.

you need to complete each upgrade script in sequence. we never use the upgrader module, but run the upgrade script instead. you cannot skip any upgrade script

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I did run each update script per the instructions for the 5.211.65 chain.

I have been unable to locate one shred of documentation on any other way to go from 2.11 to 12 other than using the “PBX Upgrader” module. If you could provide a link to some documentation, I would be happy to read it. I’ve been looking for days!

The same goes for how to get from v12 to v13. The only information I’ve been able to find is “Use the PBX Upgrader Module”.

run the .100 script - that is all you need. the only other comment is that if you have paid modules make sure that those modules are on current maintenance. if they are out of maintenance it will break the upgrade.

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I think I misunderstood the -100 as “this will take your 5.211.65 to 5.211.65-21” somehow. It was quite late at night while I was reviewing that documentation.

Thank you for pointing out what I missed!

Similarly, following http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/PPS/FreePBX-Distro-6.12.65 should get to v13 in the same way.

Do I also need to check for other module updates between track changes? Or do these scripts update them?

Thank you Bob, I just ran through all of the scripts as you suggested. My key mistake was misunderstanding the purpose of the last script in the chain for each version.

By running each script in sequence, including the -100 script, then running through all of the 6.12.65 scripts, the system was updated (including installed modules).

glad to hear you got where you wanted to be