Upgrading fxo card

Good morning everyone!

Im trying to upgrade a freepbx server from a 4-port fxo card to an 8-port fxo card. Whenever I swap them out I get “ALl circuits are busy” when I pop the old card back it everything goes back to working. I will be on-site later today so I can grab the card manufacture and version ect… but I was mainly just wondering if there is something that you always have to do when replacing interface cards?

dahdi_scan??? ect… ect…

Thanks in advance. Im off to dig through documentation, I really feel as if Im just having a stupid moment here… ahahha

You did not mention what cards. Every vendor has a different process.

I have 2 voip servers at the moment. One server has 2 x digium TDM800P and the other has 1 Chinaroby TDM410. One of the digium tdm800’s is not being so we want to replace the Chinaroby 4 port card with the extra 8port card. Sorry for the lacking basic info there :slight_smile: