Upgrading frome stable to beta

I just rented a server from rentpbx.com. It has as of now has 5.211.65-12. If I install all of the upgrade scripts through stable can I then install beta? Or is there a better way doing it?


Rentpbx is not an official partner. I don’t know if anyone here knows anything about their deployment.

Backup backup, backup… That said of you are using the rent PBX image your options are to upgrade as described or ask them to update their image

What? I have full root access to the system I would imagine I can upgrade.

You can run the upgrade scripts to go to 6.xx everything will be fine. If you just rented the server and have nothing setup then there is also no point in backing up.

ok got it

Move to FreePBX Distro 6.12.65 Track This will take your 5.211.65 version system to a 6.12.65-13 version and track. Run this script.