Upgrading from very old trixbox help

So here’s the deal… I have a perfectly functioning FreePBX 2.5.2 install that came via a Trixbox distro. I know trixbox is gone and that there is a FreePBX distribution now.

I’m getting worried I should probably update everything and start on fresh hardware as what I have is obviously getting kind of long in the tooth. The system isn’t massive, but it isn’t tiny, either. I basically have about 20 extensions of various types (some VOIP phones, some ATAs), about 20 DIDs I have hosted through bandwidth dot com, a few different IVRs, etc.

So if I were to do a fresh install of the current FreePBX distro on new hardware, what’s the least painful way to migrate the configuration?


You’re going to love this. https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/PPS/Elastix+and+PBXinaFlash+to+FreePBX+Distro+Conversion+Tool lets you migrate all your settings from an old machine to a new machine, WITHOUT TOUCHING THE OLD MACHINE.

It lets you test and check everything before cutting over, and because it doesn’t touch the old machine, there’s no outage!

Yeah, except it says it needs to be FreePBX 2.9 or greater and I’m still on 2.5.2. :frowning:


Try it and see what happens. It doesn’t touch the old machine. I didn’t have anything older than 2.9 to test against when I wrote it 8)

You should have asked - I still have a few “older” installs from the old TrixBox days. I think one of them is even older than 2.5.2.