Upgrading from trixbox 2.8 to FreePBX

Hello all,

I have brought my Trixbox ver 2.8 to a corporate level and feel like switching to your FreePBX ver. If I run a backup, will it restore correctly onto the new server or has anyone attempted this?
Otherwise i will have to star all over again from 5 yrs back!!!

Thanks for your input


First of all you have Ben using ‘our’ FreePBX for that length of time since trixbox. Stole our software and put their name n it.

You can’t restore backups between versions. There are many strategies that you can use to restore the data. suggest you search the site for other threads on migrating from trixbox. All trixbox users are in same boat since the project is abandoned.

Your best option may be to utilize FrePBX support to assist you.

Just wanted to comment as a previous Trixbox user myself… it’s worth the effort to make the change. FreePBX offers so much more than Trixbox did. I had the same concerns you probably have. In my case I decided to start clean so I programmed everything over again so as to not bring any bugs from Trixbox into my new system. It took some time but it was worth it and I LOVE the new FreePBX.

I’ll also say that I do not do phones for a living. I have another job which takes the majority of my time. I have used the Pay-for support a few times and have been happy with the service provided.