Upgrading from rta to freepbx


I have a asterisk footprint running on asterisk 11.25.1. Its a roll your own install, no gui, using RealTime asterisk. I am spending a lot of time writing dialplan. I am also using the default asterisk phoneprov for provision polycom vvx, ip series phones.

I am looking at what it would take to uplift to freepbx on rhel 7. I know that in asterisk 13, Realtime is by default enabled in the compile options so I’m guessing that its finially on be default. I don’t have dahdi on my servers at all anymore as dahdi presents its own issues so I’m using the app_confbridge as well.

When I last did some testing on Freepbx it required dahdi to be there. Is there any changes there? As well if I did my own install I had some other issues. Is there a path forward with Realtime Arch, and freepbx and - dahdi.

While DAHDI is supported in the distro, it isn’t “required”. Lots of people use FPBX without any DAHDI modules or devices. The DAHDI executable isn’t required on FreePBX systems (there are startup options to disable DAHDI) so I’m pretty sure that requirements has been largely mitigated, if not removed altogether.

The support files that would be required to spin up your own Asterisk are available in FreePBX now, so if you wanted to remove DAHDI support from Asterisk completely, you could probably do that. On a side note, Digium and FreePBX merged, so DAHDI is now a (in a way) FreePBX component.

It’s on but we only support it for queue logging.

I believe the OP is referring to back in the day when the DAHDi timer was used instead of the kernel, something that has changed in the last 8-10 years. Back then you still needed DADHi for certain things even if you weren’t actually using it for your PSTN/endpoint tech.

The DAHDI timer was used for the WANPipe Clock (IIRC), but I don’t think that’s the case any longer. I ran into this on one of my 1.4 systems back when I started.

Now, which is what I was referring to, while DAHDI is compiled into the Distro Asterisk, it’s not used for anything except POTS phones and other cards that interface specifically through the DAHDI interface. The DAHDI daemon is no longer necessary unless you are actually using DAHDI cards (since that’s what manages those interfaces).

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