Upgrading from Freepbx 13 to Sangoma Freepbx distro and error message says

This product is not licensed! Rebuilding Config(s) for extension/template is Disabled. Please purchase a license first.

Is this real? Can’t restore a backup without a license? How does this effect the system? what to do?

Hi @Area51 This means that data as such copied over or restored to the server but EPM is not rebuilding the configuration files due to no active license available.
As soon as you activate the license i.e. either migrate from your previous/source pbx or activate new one then you should be able to rebuild the phone configurations based on the restored data.

Thanks @kgupta !
So we can’t restore without either migrating the license OR purchasing a second license? The source is still in production.

Data restore is done , it just not in fully functional situation till you activate the license.

Ok. Thanks again!

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