Upgrading from FreePBX 13.0.143

(Fisher15) #1

Just inherited a FreePBX server version 13.0.143

Looking for the best path to get this machine updated to the latest. Currently supports 15 stores over MPLS connection. I am afraid to just click update.

(Kapil Gupta) #2

Hi @fisher15 May be build new machine and install latest FreePBX-15 and use Backup & Restore module to restore your 13 system configuration and after your testing results are good on newly created 15 , you can think to swap with working 13 system.


(Jared Busch) #3

Hire someone that is not. If this system is critical, what are you going to do if the power fails tomorrow?
Just dealt with a system that would not power on after a failure last week. They got it back up, but before it came up we were trying to get a restore to work on FreePBX 15.


@fisher15, welcome here, may we ask what exactly is the system you have, OS, complexity, customizations? Also important is your skill set. Mostly @kgupta1 suggestion will be effective, but to be careful, and just in case you get hit by catastrophy, do you have any backups, on/off site. Would you be comfortable with any ‘cloning’ of your hardrive before you take your next step?

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