Upgrading from FreePBX 11 to 14

My plan is to just recreated my old system on a new install. So far that has worked. But is their anyway to move the CDR database over? I recreated all the extension in the new system. Would I be better of just starting new? Then try to import anything from the old system? Like the call recording voicemail setup?

In a test environment first, like a virtual machine, make a backup of your actual server and then install de version 14 on that VM and try to restore your backup on the virtual machine…

note: voicemail recording is heavy data backup and restore

DO NOT FOLLOW THIS! You CANNOT restore backups across versions. Restoring a backup of v11 on anything but a v11 system will BRICK the system and make you start over.

The upgrade path is to either use the online conversion tool that requires a new machine or to take the system from v11 to v12 to v13 via the normal upgrade paths and then do the v13 to v14 upgrade.

The only “direct” upgrade to v14 is from v13.

I can confirm that you can’t backup 11 and restore it to 14. I just got error messages. I tried copying the .wav files for name busy and unavailable, from a mailbox in 11, but just broke the ability to save a voicemail. At first I thought it was file owner, but that didn’t help.

Where would I get a .iso 's for an upgrade for v12, and v13?
never mind is at https://downloads.freepbxdistro.org/ISO/