Upgrading from Asterisk 15.4.1 to FreePBX

Hi all,

I would like to understand if we can upgrading from Asterisk 15.4.1 to FreePBX.


What FreePBX framework are you using?
You can try using the command asterisk-version-switch, option 2 if you are using SNG7 distro, in order to install Asterisk 15. The installed Asterisk 15 version will be 15.5.0

Being pedantic, as I usually am, I think he’s asking “How do I get from Asterisk to FreePBX?”

There are two possibilities:

  1. He’s installed Asterisk and has been beating himself to death trying to manage it through context editing.
  2. He doesn’t realize that FreePBX is actually a front-end to Asterisk, so installing FreePBX is the same as installing a “super rad” Asterisk.

Either way, the answer is “Install the Distro available from Freepbx.org and go to town.”

Yeah. My bad. :stuck_out_tongue:

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