Upgrading from 32bit FreePBX 13 to current release on a new machine?

Is this feasible? Does the backup/restore process work when shifting from 32bit platform to a 64bit platform?

The old machine is a Sangoma FreePBX 50 appliance that can’t be upgraded further itself, and we are starting to push the limits of it’s capacity (or will be soon). So we are looking at options for new machines (PBXact 75 or something similar).

Version 15 is the first version that supports legacy restore of old backups. It doesn’t matter if either is 32/64 bit, you should be able to take a backup of your old system and restore on a new 15. If you are running FreePBX, then that’s an option available to you today. If you’re running PBXact, then know that 15 is not available yet but is expected in a few months. I don’t have an ETA.

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