Upgrading from 2.9 to 2.10 - and a little nervous

Hi there - I am looking to upgrade to 2.10, I have a distro install which I have upgraded to latest 2.9, and am wanting advice as to the best approach. I tried to update a test VM image and had a world of hurt with php, zend and other stuff, and want to make sure that I have the best way of approaching this.

Is the best thing to do: -

  1. run the 2.10 upgrade tool
  2. run the upgrade scripts from http://www.freepbx.org/forum/freepbx-distro/distro-discussion-help/stable-release-versions

or can I go straight to the upgrade scripts from here. I ask, as there is no freepbxdistro-version file to equate to a starting point in the upgrade scripts.

Many thanks

If you have no freepbxdistro-version file than you can not use the scripts. That means you are not using the FreePBX Distro but some other distro built using FreePBX GUI

Hmmm… I believe that this was an early version of the freepbx distro from a while ago, and have slowly upgraded to 2.7, and then we jumped to 2.9 last night. When did the freepbxdistro-version file get included…?

I think 2.9 was the first version of the distro. If you were running anything less it was probably not the FreePBX distro.

I bet this is AsteriskNow.

Do you have a /etc/asterisknow file or something like that.

Yep - you’re right I do. OK - can I backup the 2.9 config, flatten it, load a new 2.9 and then import the config…?

Yes that will work fine then use the scripts to upgrade.

I don’t know what flatten means.