Upgrading from 2.6 to 2.9

Maybe I just need to give this a try and see how far I get, but I am new to this and you dont know what you dont know. I need to upgrade from free pbx version 2.6.0 to 2.9 and would like some direction. The current 2.6 is Asterisk (Ver.

It seems that I can upgrade from 2.6 to 2.9, but not sure if Asterisk will stay the same version after this upgrade or if it needs to upgrade at the sametime.

I have our production server copied into a lab enviroment, so I will not blow anything up, but do not have the ability to spin my wheels on this for too long, so I thought I would see if anyone had any direction.

Any advise and direction would be great.

You will need to update asterisk as that is also a old Asterisk and FreePBX 2.9 officially does not support 1.4 anymore.

Ok. I will look into what that will take to do. I don’t mind doing the research. Do you have any advise or direction on how to get started?

Not really but good luck.

I am not sure with the information provided how you expected a rational answer?

By the versions you gave the system sure smells like a trixbox. If so you have to be very experienced to “untrix” the box.

How you upgrade depends on how you installed.

In general upgrade the FreePBX to 2.8 with your Asterisk 1.4 then install Asterisk 1.8 then upgrade your FreePBX to 2.9.

I did receive what I expected. I expected to start a thread with a little bit of information doing the best that I could and to have someone tear me down. That is how most of the post on this site seem to work. Like I said before I am not an expert and I cannot see why anyone would expect someone asking a question to ramble on and on with information when they are not sure that it would be relevant. That is why it is called a conversation. Again going back to I am still learning. I try not to read into things too much, but the comments in the post seem very snarky to me. I was just trying to gain a bit of insight not be belittled by adults that should know better. It is nice to see how you get treated when you have paid for training and for support credits when you post on this forum.

Sorry was not trying to teat anyone down but asking for help on something like this is really tough and not some step by step guide. It just takes experience and jumping in and trying it. Each time we do it we learn something new and some new issue comes up. You just fight through 1 issue at a time tell you get it working. There are just to many pieces to the puzzle to give some guide for this.

Thank you that is a better reply. I appreciate that more than the other one(s).
For the record I was not asking you to give it to me on a silver platter, just point me in the right direction. You have done that now and I appreciate it.
thank you

Ok well my other response was taken wrong I was just saying good luck because we struggle with it each time we do it and with our background and experience it is still s challenge each time and takes hours of fighting through things.

It would be easier and you would have alot less headaches if you just did a fresh install of something like the FreePBX Distro and re-setup your settings. This is generally the approach we tell people to take when coming off of Trixbox.

Also I noticed you said you would be at the next OTTS. I will buy you a drink in person when I see you next month.

I gave you all the information possible with what you provided. Interjecting a little humor or “cutting edge” to the message I hope that folks get the idea and post info about their systems so we don’t have to ask for it in every single post.

Frankly only a handful of qualified people answer questions in these forums. It is not possible to have a “conversant” style. As Sgt. Cannon said “just the facts”

FreePBX is also just one component of a complete Asterisk phone system. It is well beyond our scope to tell you how to upgrade your unidentified operating system, the database, web server, PHP and the 100’s of dependencies required to make a complete Asterisk phone system.

If you installed your system by hand then it is assumed that you know all the packages that are involved since you had to install and configure each one of them to make the system work.

In the second case, if you installed from a distro, it would be up to the folks publishing that distribution to articulate upgrade paths and provide the tools for their users to perform the upgrade. Certainly we can’t keep track of what every distro is doing.

The last case, if this is a trixbox, as I suspect, then you should state that you are one of the victims of Fonality and ask if anyone has found a strategy. I have explained in countless posts the details and challenges of upgrading a trixbox system.

As far as OTTS/support are concerned, nothing identifies you as a customer and even if I knew the public forums are a level playing field. Personally I don’t even look at the name when responding to a post. Every post stands on it’s own and I answer as best I can.

So certainly we both apologize (and I am drawing the inference from Tony’s post that he is also had no intent to harm) that our comments offended you, it’s not personal and no intent to offend exists.

Have a good day and happy FreePBX’ing