Upgrading from 2.10rc1... anything special? Changelog available?

Hi folks,

I’ve got an in-production system which I installed using the latest ISO and using the upgrade- script. That was on 1/24, and now there are new updates available… but I can’t find any changelog, etc. anywhere. Where can I find info about what has changed, what is new, stability info, etc.? At this point, is it safe to update using the “module administration” module? I’d be kinda upset if I did an update, only to find out after the fact that I was supposed to back something up first, etc.

Thanks for your help!

Bumping this because yet more updated modules are available, and I’m still not sure where to go to find out what was changed (besides the source!). I’m nervous anytime I apply updates to the system, but especially so this time since it’s running RC code.