Upgrading FreePBX distro changes vsftpd config

Every time I run a FreePBX distro upgrade script, it overwrites my vsftpd.conf file. I use my FreePBX system as my phone provisioning server, and every time I run an update, my provisioning system stops working. I noticed a number of updates ago that my .conf file was messed up after the updates, and I created a backup of the good .conf file, and every time I update now, I just cp the .bak to overwrite the new bad one. Its an easy work around, but just was wondering if there is any reason the update script overwrites my vsftpd.conf every time. Doesnt seem to be any reason that I can see since vsftpd is not even installed by default.

Thanks for your help.

Yes we install vsftp and use it with sysadmin pro module so its getting replaced with what we have in that module.

I would carefully note that this post should probably be moved , or perhaps better an explanation added as to who is “we” to be interpreted in this the “general help” category. Not to beat a dead horse, but to my knowledge that would only happen in the “FreePBX Distro” and only after installing a commercial module, but certainly not “generally” in FreePBX (again the underlying product, and not the distro) where the OP originally searched for help . . .

You can move posts you know. You have the ability.

I could, but again with respect, that should surely be the “first responders” responsibility. Triaging here in the new forum from the very first might be a good way to get folks to what they need and where the need it immediately. For my part I will try to do that, anyone else agree?

I went ahead an moved it, the category isn’t something I typically look for myself, but it does make sense to keep things in their proper place for future visitors. As for @ColoradoRuss 's original question, that file is used in SysAdmin, you may want to open a feature request/bug ticket to see if there may be a work around not to modify the file if there is already a custom file in place. Not sure if it’s doable, but at least this way it’s something the developers can consider.

That is fine. But we gave you the move ability for a reason :smile: