Upgrading asterisk v13 to v16 - AGI call issues

I have been upgrading the asterisk version from 13 to 16 on FreePBX 14 systems using the asterisk-version-switch command. After the upgrade, several of the customers are reporting intermittent issues with picking up parked calls and having agents not being able to pause/unpause in the queues. It usually occurs once or twice a week and lasts around 10 to 15 minutes and returns back to normal. I can see that AGI calls(parkfetch.agi,queue_devstate.agi) are taking a long time to execute and are returning the value 4.

I have moved some customers back to asterisk 13 and they no longer have the issues.
I am looking for suggestions on how to troubleshoot this.

If you can replicate this what does the command of “parking show default” show from Asterisk. I would be curious to know if that is returning right away or being held up as that is all the AGI is doing.

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If it’s caused by the AGI, enabling fastagi might address it.

Lorne. We have supper customers having the same issue and they have fastagi enabled. Based on this error it’s way before the fastagi would be called. We haven’t be able to see this happen in real time only after it has happened. Hence why the command above would prove its in the actual macro calling the agi not the agi.

My gut is it’s related to task processor queue changes in asterisk that is blocking the call.


Thanks Tony. Hoping that I will be able catch it while it is going on and run the command.

Issue just happened. I ran the command while it was going on and the result was displayed immediately.


What about the Task Processors in Asterisk were they full?

getting the warning below in the asterisk logs.

[2021-01-14 11:02:28] WARNING[26583][C-000132ca] taskprocessor.c: The ‘stasis/m:cache_pattern:1/channel:all-000000c3’ task processor queue reached 500 scheduled tasks again

And are you getting those at the time the parking is not working.

I can see that the task processor warning during the time it is not working. But I can see the same warnings throughout the day.

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