Upgrading [email protected] to Current Version

Hi all does anyone know how to do a successful upgrade from [email protected] to the latest release.

The system is running on centos 4 as per build cd it is 2.0.1 and Asterisk

I know there is a upgrade path as I had the same box upgraded before, but now I break modules, and can never get the box operational after the upgrade.

I have used the upgrade instructions on http://www.freepbx.org/support/documentation/installation/upgrading-your-system

But this brakes my build every time, Its annoying as I did have it working, but i think distros may have changed and I am lacking that one upgrade that was done in the middle.

its a pity that the upgrade is so difficult as [email protected] works really well, and I know The second last upgrade was very stable for me.

Does anyone have any insight into this, or are people here having the same problems.