Upgrading and migrating servers-looking for guidance

Originally installed FreePBX years ago, but as of late the machine has been rebooting nearly every day. It is running FreePBX (off the Distro install, v 3.211.63-8).
I decided to start building a replacement server running latest stable (FreePBX, Distro 10.13.66-17) and now am contemplating whether or not to rebuild from scratch or to backup and restore settings, or how to go about doing this. Three options seem to be available:

  1. My initial thought was to backup to a USB key, then restore from the key on the new server, then transfer the EPM license. Then I was wondering how that might work given the large amount of upgrades in between the two, and possible issues with the analog card.

  2. My next option seems to be to clone the old server to a second drive (as a fall back option in case things go south), then upgrade as far as I can manually on the original, then do the backup and restore (hopefully with closer and nearly identical versions).

  3. Last option is to just compare side by side, and make all the changes (this seems uneccessary and tedious, but also least likely to have unforeseen problems).

Also (possibly) complicating things is that the old server has an analog card which I need to move over. If the card isn’t in the new system when I do the restore, will I have major issues dealing with all of the routes, or will I just need to install the card afterwards (hoping to do most of this during business hours) and everything will pickup once the card is in place?

Any suggestions on how to do this with the best chance of success?

Do not restore a backup from a non-matching version.
Upgrading in place should work if you have a backup and a maintenance window. Use instructions here
You can also use this method to migrate most settings from the old system to the new.

Good to know :slight_smile:

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Went through the whole process and mostly it worked. A few things needed to be reassigned, but all in all it was the vast majority of the work done already. Good stuff.

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