Upgraded to Latest RC and amportal is broken

For FreePBX to work, the dataserver will need to be running. The problem you noted above comes from the php scripts not getting the data it needs in order to bring up freepbx. On the running system, can you do an ‘amportal start’ after you know that mysql is running? If it still fails, there’s still an issue with PHP/Pear/DB.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your comment! This helped me solve the problem.

I forced freepbx to load on the end of the rc.d sequence. This way mysqld is already running when freepbx starts and it can access the DB.

Everything is working now!

Just a quick note, I was having similar problems with amportal. Turns out my system (CentOS 5) was missing the php53-process package after an upgrade to PHP 5.3. It includes the posix_* functions which are required.

Also, like some of the other posts, I was having a problem with the web interface after the upgrade. It appears that sometimes yum doesn’t handle the php-pear-db package properly. Pear was convinced that DB was installed, but the files weren’t there. A simple ‘pear uninstall DB; pear install DB’ did the trick.

So, Yea… exporting a config from 1.8something & importing into 5.211.65-6; After a litany of issues -I bumped into this myself & read ~1/2 dozen of these articles with this issue I also found myself in & none of anyone’s suggestions working to resolve this.

If you find yourself in a similar circumstance, try pinging ‘localhost’ -Yea, I burned a few days on that’un, I felt stupid (Thanks ALOT centos hostname command :stuck_out_tongue: )… :confused: