Upgraded to FP 2.6 and now module admin module names appear "overprinted"

i can only describe the symptom as if text were written, and then overprinted with other text. only appears in firefox, and mostly with the module names. Sadly, it DOES WORK CORRECTLY in IE.

i checked in tools;options;contents;fonts and tried both WITH and WITHOUT website setting own fonts: neither worked.

The title “Module” is overprinted with "Publisher"
The first two module titles are overprinted, the next four are not (FreePBX ARI Framework, FreePBX FOP Framework, FreePBX Framework, FreePBX Localization Update).
All the remaining titles except for the four in maintenance section and the three in third party addon are overprinted.

further investigation shows that all of the overprinting is with the same text: “FreePBX”. view source in firefox doesn’t show the “FreePBX” text anywhere near the menu items. Rolling over a menu item hightlights the menu item text, but not the “FreePBX” overprinting.

seems to be the only page where this happens (but i haven’t checked all pages yet).

any idea how to fix (without switching to IE)?

firefox 3.5.6

Clear the cache from the browser. That will solve the issue.

uhm. ok. that worked (he says sheepishly).