Upgraded to and CDR reports dest h

I upgraded to the latest release and now my CDR for outgoing calls report dest h rather than the actual number being called. I can restore to a previous release and the dest column is fine. Incoming caller info for the dest column is fine but outgoing always says h for destination.

Any guidance in this would be greatly appreciated.



After upgrading the dst field show just the letter ‘h’ on calls outside the system. Internal calls do show up properly. Any help would be great here.


oh man, i didnt see this thread until after posting, I got the same issue, did you figure out a way to fix it?

Ok i definitely know what the problem is but i dont know how to fix it.


if you have a trunk like gafachi which tells you to put in


this being placed in the trunks dial rules will now in Freepbx 2.8 cause “h” in every “DST” entry.

I tried it by using carriers without the Dial Rule and not a problem. Here is where the problem lies. Hopefully someone knows how to fix this.

I went back to 2.5 in the mean time until I have time to sort it out.

You can do that? how do you go back from 2.8 to 2.5? that doesnt screw things up?

I have the backup module installed and reverted back a couple days and was back at 2.5(My previous version). I did have some trouble with my SIP Trunks not being populated and had to manually enter them back in after reading the sip_additional.conf files in /etc/asterisk.

Hopefully someone will chime in here with a valid workaround.

Yes PLEASE!!! i hope so too. I was lucky because one of my carriers doesnt require this for international calls and in the end that was my biggest concern, but still, its definitely a little nutty that this “Dial Rules” is killing it. i cant imagine its a difficult bug to fix, so here is hoping :slight_smile: